Badge Development and Design

Badge development means researching and writing the requirements for the badges and awards, while badge design means creating the graphic art for the 1 1/2” triangular, square or circle patches awarded to the scouts who earn the badges and awards.  


Badge development can mean writing requirements for new badges and awards, or revising the requirements for existing ones.   We need people who can start with a blank outline, go to the library or do research on the Internet, and come up with a several page document, following written guidelines.  It’s a lot of work to write a badge, but it’s very rewarding when the scouts start using the requirements you’ve written to learn something and earn a badge.  Typically people are motivated by scouts in their circle wanting to earn a badge that does not yet exist.  By joining the badge committee, our volunteers can write that badge and SpiralScouts International can offer it to all of our circles and hearths.


Badge Design.  The graphic design for a new badge or award occurs once we are well on the way to have requirements written. While it's wonderful if you are a skilled digital artist, if you're not, don't worry.  The artwork doesn't have to be perfect -the firm that does the embroidery of these badge and award patches for us can redraw the images more professionally