What does the uniform consist of? Dress uniforms consist of a forest green long-sleeved oxford-style button down shirt, khaki pants, skirt, or shorts (as appropriate), neck cord, patches, and capuche or sash, and should include dark brown belts and shoes.Activity uniforms are the same, except that the shirt may be a forest green polo shirt, or short-sleeved oxford and belt and shoes that are appropriate for the occasion. Sashes or capuches may be worn with the activity uniform.

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Are those the only choices for the uniform? These are the official uniform options. Not all activities require SpiralScouts to be in full uniform. Keep in mind that uniforms are meant to help children feel like they are part of the group.

How do we get the neck cords and patches? Neck cord kits and member patches are part of the initial registration fee. When a Circle leader sends in registration forms and fees, the neck cord kits and patches will be sent back to them.Neck cords, patches, badges, and award pins can be ordered from SpiralScouts International by leaders.

Where do we get leader patches and pins? Leaders can order these items from SpiralScouts International.If your Circle or Hearth is a part of a Clan or Tribe that has been formally organized, check with the Clan or Tribe office before ordering materials from SpiralScouts International—they may have a stock of badges already.

What if I can't afford uniforms for my child? The inability to afford a uniform should not prevent a child from participating. Additionally, most Circles will probably develop uniform exchanges as children tend to grow out of clothing quickly. This could be an inexpensive way to get uniforms. Additionally, you can check with a local thrift store or Salvation Army store. Many of the uniform parts can be found there as well.

Where can I find uniform components? Besides thrift stores, Salvation Army stores, and uniform exchanges, many department stores will carry clothing suitable for uniforms See if your Clan or Tribe has a reliable local source of uniform parts. Try stores that specialize in school uniforms.