Circles and Hearths

Are there any Circles near me and how do I get in contact with them? Our Circle Locator Page has a listing of SpiralScouts chartered Circles and Hearths by zip code, state, and country. It also lists the ProtoCircles, which are groups in the process of setting up a Circle or Hearth. To find others interested in SpiralScouts, join the main SpiralScouts list at and send an e-mail introducing yourself and where you live. You can also join the SpiralScouts list for your Tribe.
What is the difference between a Hearth and a Circle? Independent Hearths consist of one family who does SpiralScouts activities on their own because they are too far away from an organized Circle or they may just choose to work alone. Hearths may also be smaller groups within and attached to a larger a Circle. Circles are groups that usually consist of two or more families who do SpiralScouts activities together. A Circle may have smaller groups within it called Hearths, which are often based on program level or location.